Downsizing for Empty Nesters

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Now that the kids are out of the house, you have the rest of your life ahead of you to enjoy on your own terms. However, as you look around your house you may realize that there is a little more clutter than you would like. There may even be too much space. Many empty nesters decide to downsize once they reach this milestone. Downsizing allows you to get rid of clutter in order to make your current home easier to handle or even move into a smaller, but nicer, new place.

 If you are considering downsizing as an empty nester, you have a lot of work ahead of you. Read on for a more detailed approach on how to handle this major life decision.

 Deciding What to Get Rid of

Clutter is no good. In fact, some psychologists link clutter to anxiety. Downsizing helps alleviate the amount of stuff in your life to create a more relaxing environment and reduce stress.

 The first thing you need to do as an empty nester is have your kids over to clean out all their stuff. You are under no obligation to keep it all-- especially the stuff they didn’t even care enough to take with them. Have your children over to clean out closets and donate clothes they no longer wear. Gather up old toys and books and give them to a younger family in your area who will appreciate them. Of course, there’s no need to get rid of everything, especially the important keepsakes from their childhood. Anything you want to keep can be boxed up and stored in the attic or in a storage unit.

If you are feeling overwhelmed thinking about cleaning everything out, you don’t have to do it alone. Professional organizers can help you stay on task and determine what exactly needs to go and what can stay. They can even help you figure out where to take everything you’re getting rid of so your things can get some use. If you think a professional organizer is right for you, work the cost into your downsizing budget. In the meantime, explore these tips that offer organizational inspiration for every room of your home.

 How to Find the Right Home for Your Golden Years

The right home may be the one you are in or it may be across the country-- the correct choice is different for everybody! Many people do not like the idea of leaving their current home. People grow attached to the memories and like the familiarity. However, if you are planning to stick around it is a good idea to make modifications that will make life easier as you age. As your mobility decreases, you may find that having a ramp over stairs and railing in the bathrooms helps you keep your independence.

If you want to move into a new place, look for a one story that won’t be difficult to navigate as you get older. Even when buying a new house, chances are you should budget for modifications.

How to Make the Moving Process Smoother

By this time in your life, the act of asking friends to help you move in exchange for pizza and beer is pretty passé. And doing it yourself isn’t very safe-- especially for your back. Hire professional movers that can box everything up safely and move it all to your new place for you. Your friends and your body will thank you!

When the kids leave the house, many people decide to downsize to make life easier. Have your kids help you by taking their things with them as they go. Hire a professional organizer if you think that will help. Whether you plan on staying in your current home or moving, consider budgeting for modifications that will make aging in place easier. Finally, make the moving process smoother by hiring movers. Most importantly, be excited! The best years of your life are ahead of you.